Client Services

Serving our clients on their journey to realize their full potential is a privilege.  Seeing them make tangible, sustainable changes in mindset, behaviors, and strategy is how we measure our success.  While every client’s circumstances are unique, all leaders face the challenge of capturing the hearts and minds of their employees and customers.


We work with high-potential talents who need to accelerate leadership readiness for challenging new assignments, and to bring increased value to customers and their broader organization.


JourneyLead guides leaders through an in-depth process of clarifying professional goals, identifying a strategic focus, and delivering powerful communication through enhanced executive presence.  

Sustainable Impact

Leaders are not the only ones who thrive! Engaging JourneyLead allows leaders to coach their staff so that they are also ready for positions of greater responsibility and organizational contribution.

"I would have never had the confidence and clarity to take on new challenges so effectively if I had not invested in my own development with JourneyLead. I hit the ground running and was immediately able to raise the bar in what our department delivered to the organization. Most importantly, I have a vision of what I can accomplish, not just in this role, but over the course of a fulfilling career."

Commercial and Leadership Portfolio Global Lead

"Our business is quite complex and covers a wide international geography. I was extremely impressed by how quickly JourneyLead was able to pinpoint the focus areas that could really make the difference to our business. During the training session, it was great to see how well they incorporated with our group. It felt like they were part of our team and not an outside group pretending to understand what we needed."

Lead of Global Training Analytics

"JourneyLead understood the linkage between employee engagement and how it positively impacts customer engagement and revenue generation. JourneyLead became part of our culture and ‘one of us’ very quickly, melding into our world and getting to know who we really are. The excitement that was generated through the JourneyLead learning experience was monumental. A year later, conversations are continuously happening about how we can leverage each other’s talents. Now it’s about our employees anticipating the needs and offering more than what the customer asked for; it’s going above and beyond."

Senior VP and CMO